On modern exhaust aftertreatment systems for heavy duty diesel and gas engines .... the air coming out of the tailpipe is cleaner than the air you breathe!

As one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of advanced emission technology for heavy-duty vehicles, we are deeply aware of this challenge - and it is within our vision to be part of the solution.

It is in the DNA of Dinex to focus on solutions. While others dream, we perceive opportunities, set ambitious targets and execute.

Our innovate technologies, manufactured all over the world, enable our customers to build vehicles that are more effective than ever when it comes to eliminating harmful substances and particulate emissions.

At the same time, our designs and engineering solutions help to reduce weight, optimise fuel consumption and utilise the improved sustainability of alternative fuels.

We envision a world where heavy-duty transportation across land is environmentally sustainable – and we believe that this vision is not that far away as you may think.