NOx Sensor, Iveco

Directly replaceable with OE Sensors

Tested at Dinex Test Center

Tested and accredited by third party

A cost effective balance between

emission control and Urea consumption

Easy to install

1 Year Warranty

Dinex nr29031
OE nr5801429373, 5801627702, 5801777219
Norma EUROEuro 6
Numer taryfy9027109000
Ciężar netto [kg]0.40
Norma emisji spalinEuro 6
Wysokożć [mm]28.00
Szerokożć [mm]65.00
Długość [mm]834.00
Weight [LBS]0.88
Wysokożć [cal]1.10
Długość [cal]32.83
Szerokożć [cal]2.56