Silencer, Iveco, E-line

Designed to optimize sound attenuation and -

back pressure

Lock seamed, stamped or welded silencer bodies

Available in aluminized or stainless steel quality

Replaceable with OE

3 Years Warranty

Dinex nr28489
OE nr2996129, 0000002996129, 41210965
Norma EUROEuro 3
E-line Version
Numer taryfy8708923500
Długość [mm]792.00
Ciężar netto [kg]32.00
Rednica (mm)380.00
Norma emisji spalinEuro 3
Żrednica wewnętrzna [mm]131.40
Wysokożć [mm]0.00
Szerokożć [mm]0.00
Weight [LBS]70.55
Długość [cal]23.07
Wysokożć [cal]31.18
Szerokożć [cal]14.96